Ooops, I dropped it

The springs out of the Lincoln donor needed to be cut down a bit.  Will probably go lower before I’m done with it all…

Ford 9″ Rear End In The Falcon

After lots of measuring, it seemed like the 9″ from the Lincoln would fit in the Falcon. It fit, but, didn’t have any wheels laying around with enough offset….back to the drawing board.

Front Brake Lines and Suspension

Running the front brake lines, which will most likely be redone later….

And getting the front suspension back together.

Pulling The Rear End From The Donor

The Lincoln had 4 wheel disc brakes that would be nice to have in the Falcon, and everything measures ok but still not sure if we can use the Ford 9″ rear end. Only way to find out is to get it out and see what we’re working with…

Cleaning Up The Inner Fenders

Got the front suspension out and decided to clean up the inner fenders while they were empty.  Using a wire wheel on the drill, got it as clean as I could before painting and adding some fresh undercoating.

Taking Front Suspension From The Donor

Caught the old man doing some work. Taking the brakes and complete front suspension from the Lincoln to see what we can use on the Falcon. Not sure what’s usable at this point so we’re just pulling it all off.