Cleaning up underneath

Some cleaning and undercoating before things start going back together.

Got Paint. It’s Orange!

After 7 months at the body shop, it’s home!

Really disappointed in the work that was done.  But life goes on…

At The Body Shop

Finally. Dropped it off at the body shop!

There aren’t any emblems going back on when it’s done so all of those holes are getting filled. Same with the antenna. While they’re at it, some of the body seams are getting smoothed out.

The biggest job is to replace the lower rear quarter panel, and rebuild the spare tire well.  Those were the only spots with rust on the car.

More Sand Blasting

Before dropping it off at the body shop, there were a few more things I wanted to sand blast. Lots of places they wouldn’t be able to easily get to with sand paper…just trying to make their job easier.

Cleaning Up The Inner Fenders

Got the front suspension out and decided to clean up the inner fenders while they were empty.  Using a wire wheel on the drill, got it as clean as I could before painting and adding some fresh undercoating.

Sand Blasting and Painting Engine Bay

With the engine, fenders and everything else out of the way, we pushed the Falcon outside and did some sand blasting. Got it down to bare metal, threw on some seam sealer, and spray bombed it Satin Black.  Not professional, but MUCH better than it was…

Stripping it down again

Knowing that the engine, transmission and headers fit without any problems, they can come back out so they can be rebuilt and we can do more work. Then, stripping the car down so we can do some sand blasting and start making look more presentable. Might be nice to know where the shims were for the fender in case they have problems lining it up again later, always good to have original pictures to reference when needed.

This is how it starts

For the past few years, the Falcon has been sitting in the shop and was being used for storage.

Time to start stripping it to see what we’re working with…