Ford 9″ Rear End In The Falcon

After lots of measuring, it seemed like the 9″ from the Lincoln would fit in the Falcon. It fit, but, didn’t have any wheels laying around with enough offset….back to the drawing board.

Front Brake Lines and Suspension

Running the front brake lines, which will most likely be redone later….

And getting the front suspension back together.

Pulling The Rear End From The Donor

The Lincoln had 4 wheel disc brakes that would be nice to have in the Falcon, and everything measures ok but still not sure if we can use the Ford 9″ rear end. Only way to find out is to get it out and see what we’re working with…

Motor Mounts and Headers for the 302

The motor mounts for the 302 went in and bolted up without any problems (after I figured out left vs right).

The Hedman 88400 shorty headers slid right in from underneath and bolted up. Kind of tight with the shock towers but no modifications were needed. Still not sure if they will interfere with the shifter linkage but will deal with that later sometime.

Test Fitting the Motor & Transmission

Yay, it fits! No cutting needed, and there’s room for the headers┬á ­čÖé

1980 Lincoln Versailles – The Donor

  This car had been sitting for almost 10 years.

With a little work, I got it running again and drove it around the parking lot a bit before deciding the 302/C4 combo would be ok to use.

It also has a nice 9″ rear end with disc brakes that would be nice to use, will have to see how it fits.

The motor and trans are now out and ready to test fit into the Falcon.